1. Start with ALL system equipment OFF, and all batteries REMOVED.
  2. Open the compartment door located on the bottom of the Com-Center with a small Phillips screwdriver.
  1. Located behind this cover are eight buttons labelled #1 – 8. These numbers correspond to the numbers on the inside of each headset headband.
  1. Insert the Com-Center battery, and turn the unit ON. The LEDs in the programming compartment will flash red.


    1. The button that is to be linked to the new / replacement headset must be “cleared” before it is able to accept the new headset. This is done by holding downthe button on the Com-Center which corresponds to the number of the new headset.  When the LED turns on, release the button.  Press the button again until the red LED turns off.

NOTE:  When clearing a position, the corresponding headset number will also be cleared.  For example:

  • The #1 on the Com-Center will clear both the 1 & 2 positions.
  • The #3 on the Com-Center will clear both the 3 & 4 positions.
  • The #5 on the Com-Center will clear both the 5 & 6 positions.
  • The #7 on the Com-Center will clear both the 7 & 8 positions.

You can easily re-program an existing headset if it happens to be located in that cleared corresponding number.  You can do this at the end of step 7, below.


  1. Insert the battery into the headset to be programmed. The blue power LED wil begin blinking.  Click the volume down button three times – then press and hold the volume up button.

The blue LED will turn solid.  CONTINUE TO HOLD the volume up button.  Now ALSO press and HOLD the corresponding button in the Com-Center until it’s red LED turns on.

Once both the blue and the red LEDs are solid, you may release both buttons.

  1. The LEDs will now remain solid for appx. 2 – 30 seconds. Finally, the LEDs will both turn off, and then come back on.  The programming is now complete.

Turn off ALL headsets before programming another.

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