Your complete CLIP system comes with everything you need right out of the box including GOLD Series wireless headsets, CLIP transceiver(s) Case, Batteries and Multi-Charger.

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Coach to 4 Players


  • 1 Single Ear GOLD Headset
  • 4 CLIP Transceivers
  • Batteries & Multi Charger
  • Softside Case

The CLIP Wireless system is a teaching tool that allows a coach to talk directly to the player(s) either individually or in a group.

This miniature loudspeaker does not require a headset and is worn outside protective headgear such as football, lacrosse, and hockey helmets.  The Coach transmits through a comfortable, midweight GOLD Single ear headset.

How It Works:

  • Coach wears midweight GOLD single ear headset.  Automute Boom on headset allow the coach to shut off the mic whenever necessary.
  • The CLIP can be worn by a player or placed nearby, for instance soccer, lacrosse or hockey goal.
  • Set volume to low when the coach is communicating with an individual player, set to high when speaking with a group (ie. football huddle).
  • Add the LOOP earpiece for players that require discreet operation (ie. baseball catcher).

GOLD HEADSET Auto Mute Boom Technology

Coach can cut off the signal to the CLIP automatically by placing the microphone boom to the UP position.

Modify / Upgrade Easily

Add CLIP transceivers to your system at any time as they are field programmable.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs