GOLD Series GS-2 Wireless


Your complete Single Channel system comes with everything you need right out of the box including GOLD Series wireless headsets, Case, Batteries and Multi-Charger. To Start up your set just install the batteries, turn the headsets “ON” and talk, it’s that simple.

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Two Coaches


  • 1 Double Ear GOLD Headset
  • 1 Single Ear GOLD Headset
  • Batteries & Multi Charger
  • Softside Case

The Porta Phone GOLD Series is a revolutionary full duplex wireless that allows coaches to communicate simultaneously and hands free. GOLD headsets feature “All in One”, self-contained headset design where all electronics are built into the ear cup eliminating belt packs and wires. With the GOLD Series there is no base station to set up. This makes all coaches completely mobile with the flexibility to roam freely between pressbox and sideline.

What makes the Porta Phone GOLD so effective is the special wireless operating system used by the US military known as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. To easily avoid interference GOLD Series constantly monitor the airwaves and automatically switch channels when necessary. In addition, the digital signals are encrypted so cannot be intercepted or jammed!

All GOLD Series headsets also include Porta Phone’s new AutoMUTE Boom. This technology effectively provides a clear and uncluttered line of communication by shutting off the headset signal when the microphone is set to the UP position.

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