Gold Series Wireless Headsets

Replacements / Parts

True to our commitment to service, Porta Phone maintains an extensive stock of replacement transceivers, headsets, and electronic components. If you need to expand or modify the talking pattern of your existing system, or if you own a Porta Phone that is missing a part we have you covered.

Since the wireless headsets that make up each system have unique functionality (ie. Remote or Main headset), we require that coaches call to order. This direct contact allows a Porta Phone service technician to earmark the exact item that you need.

Most Porta Phone replacements are ready for immediate overnight shipment by FedEx.

All GOLD wireless systems include a variety of headset models:

  • Double or Single Ear
  • Non-Switching or Switching
  • Main or Remote

Therefore GOLD replacement headsets can only be purchased by calling Porta Phone directly.

Call for Headset Options & Pricing


AC Adapter $15.00

  • Replacement Wall Plug
  • Fits Battery Multi Charger

 Multi Port Charger $129.00

  • Incl. AC Adapter
  • Fits GOLD Headset Batteries
GOLD CHarger

Battery $22.00

  • Replacement Battery
  • Fits GOLD Headset

Earpads $15.90

  • Cloth Earpads
  • Set of 2

Softside Case $55 – $65

  • Small Case 12x9x7″
  • Large Case 18x9x7″



In Rhode Island:

Ph. 1-401-789-8700

Fx. 1-401-789-7300


Orders usually ship within 1-3 business days.  Ground shipping may arrive in 1 day (East Coast) to 5 days (West Coast).

Need it overnight? Call us!